Friday, 15 June 2012

Osaka Japanese Dining Bar, Brisbane

Don't the Japanese just do bamboo so well? This little suburban restaurant is full of bamboo and it makes the place feel so cosy and snug. I popped in for a snack after a visit to the post office next door, and selected Gyoza (dumpling) Soup (see photo below). I was not disappointed and am keen to try their Bento Box sometime for dinner.

Sitting in Osaka Japanese Dining Bar, I felt like I was in Japan for an hour. Maybe it was the Kimi Dolls on the shelves, or maybe the cute origami boats (see below) floating around and around, or maybe it was the free refills of Japanese Green Tea that aided my escapism. Anyway, it was a nourishing experience and well worth repeating. 

As you'd expect, the service was great and the smells emanating from the kitchen spoke wonders for the menu - Udon, Teriyaki, Takoyaki, Tempura, Yaki-Noodle, Sashimi, Ngiri Sushi all very traditional sounding. The "Osaka Special Rolls" have a Westernized edge with names like Big Boss Roll, Aussie Roll (deep fried prawn, avocado, crab salad, cucumber and fish roe), and Philadelphia Roll (fresh salmon, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber).

It's so refreshing to have a bit of culture moving into the suburbs of Brisbane. Pay them a visit, just to say thanks.

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