Wednesday, 6 June 2012

We love our bamboo

Black Timor Bamboo
Bamboo is our teacher:

This is our Black Timor Bamboo growing right next to the deck - as I sit and ponder, it reminds me to be strong yet flexible as it sways in the winter wind. In ancient China, poets also praised the qualities of bamboo. Bai Juyi (772 - 846) wrote that a "true gentleman" does not need to be physically strong but mentally upright and persevering, with an open heart just like bamboo. There's something in that for all of us, I think.

Here is some more bamboo growing about our garden:

And Bamboo is just so versatile and practical, from toothbrushes to nappies to clothing to kitchenware to schools and entire factories. We love our bamboo socks and are yet to try riding a bamboo bike (must be so much lighter?) - is there anything bamboo cannot do?

The BEST thing of all about bamboo is that it is 100% sustainable - requiring NO CHEMICALS to grow so big and strong, very little water and replenishes itself within a year. That is a lot of growing - sometimes up to 120 centimeters a day. Bamboo products are 100% biodegradable, so there's no need to feel guilty when your toothbrush is shaggy and ready for the compost - ha ha.

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