Thursday, 16 August 2012

Homemade Terrarium

Making a terrarium is a fun activity for parents and kids to share - they can be as small as a jam jar or as big as a tank. Let their imaginations flow with the design.

Step 1:
Pick up a see through glass container from an op shop. Any size or shape, depending on available space.

Step 2:
Fill the base of your container with decorative rocks or gravel, to provide good drainage.

Step 3:
Add an optional layer of charcoal to prevent the soil turning sour.

Step 4: 
Place a layer of Spagnum/Irish Moss to prevent the soil draining down into the gravel. It also keeps the roots dry and healthy in their own little microcosm. See below.

Step 5:
Select plants with similar water requirements. 
Position your plants and build the soil/potting mix around them.

Step 6:
Turn your terrarium into a magical world with shells, rocks, fairies, houses. Position near light, but not in direct sun. Water once a week with light spray (too much moisture will make it moldy).

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