Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cat Party

Hosting a  theme party is always fun, and we went with the cat theme this year. I sat sewing 12 little felt cats for the children to take home as favors. I am just not a fan of plastic junk party toys that fall apart after the first go, so I was quite pleased with how these cats turned out, even though it was rather an effort.

They all were fitted with pink and white felt cat ears and a pink fluffy boa cat tail upon arrival. Whiskers and cat noses were face painted on those who wanted to. Suitably attired, the simple outfits lent themselves to plenty of meeowing and yowling at each other. With the feline energy unleashed, we played Musical Cat Beds (not chairs) and Cat Musical Statues, with edible cat treats as prizes.

My mother held a mini cat biscuit decorating workshop - which they loved. Licorice ears and whiskers, Smartie eyes, pink icing and a snake jelly mouths. Yum.

We played Pin the Hat on the Cat, with the cat drawn and painted by the clever birthday girl. We had a ton of fun and I'm sure the theme could be expanded upon, but that was enough for one party.

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