Friday, 14 September 2012

Edible Weeds

Edible Dianella caerulea (Blue Flax Lily) Berries 

You'd be amazed how beneficial some Native Australian "weeds" are for your health. Local Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Joe Kirk, kindly shared his knowledge about edible weeds at Balaangala Community Garden (98 Yoorala St, The Gap). He brought in some samples from his own garden and we walked around the bush tucker garden inspecting various other interesting plants. The Garden Space itself is entirely run by volunteers and is an inspiring, educational place to visit.

"Bush Banana Mint" - excellent for strengthening kidneys. Chew a fresh leaf every day for good health, especially during the cooler Winter months - they have a pleasant tangy flavor and can be easily found in most garden corners.

"Bush Pepper" - a nice spicy addition if your Kangaroo Stew needs a little lift!

"Native Raspberries" - see sign below. Packed with anti-oxidants, super delicious and a hit with the children.

"Native Pigface" - tasty grape-like fruit can be harvested shortly after flowering and makes a refreshing snack on a hot day. As we sipped Lemon Myrtle Cordial, Uncle Joe also demonstrated how to drink the nectar of Xanthorrhea Grass Tree flowers and told us that the oil is excellent for preventing sunburn. Another bush survival tip is to suck on Casuarina Seeds to remain hydrated when water is scarce.

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