Thursday, 15 November 2012

Easy Dragon Tail

If you have a spare sarong or length of material, why not turn it into this easy dragon tail which makes the perfect dress up or role play game? My kids spent hours chasing each other around the house and garden after these were created, making me feel the effort was well worth it.


Approximately 1.5 m length of material
2 Ribbons
Sewing needle/thread or machine
Stuffing  - old cushions are ideal

Step 1:

Create a simple zig zag template out of a long piece of cardboard (above) or paper. Trace the template onto the material and cut it out.

Step 2:

Turn the material inside out and sew along the edges. I hand sewed, which took around 20 minutes. The stitching doesn't need to be absolutely perfect - these are for dress ups remember.

Step 3:

Turn the material the right way and stuff with old cushion inners.

Step 4:

Attach ribbons to one end in order to tie the tail around a small waist.  Now watch your little ones run around and admire your handiwork while they shriek with joy.

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