Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bumi Sehat Birthing Centre, Ubud

Bumi Sehat means "Gentle Mother Earth" and the non-profit, village run clinic offers free pre and post natal care to Balinese women who are unable to afford hospital care. The Clinic in Nyuh Kuning Village, Ubud, is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, operating entirely on donations and sponsorship from generous individuals.

So far this year, they have delivered 259 babies and have consulted with 2 287 mums and 245 children in the paediatric clinic. Please see the website for donation/volunteer information and the wish list if you are interested to support this worthy cause.

Every Saturday, there is a free acupuncture clinic offering treatments to the general public for all types of conditions. This year, they have treated 1 714 patients and I hand delivered some well needed acupuncture supplies (special thanks go to Acupuncture Australia for donating many needles) and new born baby clothes (special thanks to Our Little Earth Playgroup mums!). 

As an acupuncturist, I was also interested to observe how the community clinic was run. The open air clinic has 6 beds - they were very busy on the day I was there and used a LOT of needles and a LOT of moxa!! There were quite a few local and international volunteers with varying levels of expertise, but plenty of love flowing around.

From my brief visit, Yayasan Bumi Sehat seemed to be fulfilling their goal: peace building -  one baby, one mother, one family at a time.

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