Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Five Elements, Ubud

To celebrate our last day in Ubud, we had lunch at Sakti Dining Room, at Five Elements Healing Center. One of  The Healing Hotels of The World, Five Elements is a super special place to visit, let alone stay at. The focus is sustainability and creating as little impact on the environment as possible. This is a true sanctuary on the banks of the Ayung River, at the conjunction of eight major energy lines.

Sakti Dining Room, along with all buildings at Five Elements, have been created using giant pieces of bamboo and alang alang thatch roofs. These bamboo spaces feel so soothing and calming. Upstairs in the restaurant are very comfortable lounge chairs and downstairs are several dining options - on layered decks next to the river or by the pond  full of koi and lotuses. We all were presented with lemon infused water and a face washer upon arrival - such a lovely way to begin reading the menu, which was mostly raw vegan fare, packed with nutrients and enzymes.

I ordered my first ever "Live Lasagna"  - impeccably presented and surprisingly satisfying with not a bit of pasta to speak of.The kids enjoyed Alfalfa Sushi topped with black sesame seeds - and of course amazing cashew mylk banana smoothies. Head Chef, Made, presented us with raw cacao chocolate treats to send us smiling on our way.

After lunch, we purchased some organic essential oil products in the Laboratorium, sniffed around the Medicinal Garden, dipped our toes in the pool and danced in the yoga pavilion, Mandala Agung (250 square meters of bamboo extravagance). I came away with the conviction that this is the ultimate place to stay for a total nurturing and rejuvenation experience.

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