Friday, 20 July 2012

Sari Organik, Ubud

Sari Organik is a gorgeous bamboo restaurant in the Balinese rice paddies. The sign at the gate bravely states that it is an "experimentation station" in organic farming - well I reckon this is one successful experiment. The restaurant was packed for lunch with everyone happily lounging on cushions, munching on home grown organic salads and sipping their smoothies.

The best part for us was showing the children exactly where their lunch was coming from - while lunch was being prepared, we poked around the rice paddies and rows of lettuces in the patch, patted the cows and said hi to the chickens and ducks.

The whole experiment is tastefully executed and certainly worth the adventure. We bought some environmentally friendly bamboo straws and Dragonfruit jam then skipped all the way back to Ubud along the local village tracks.

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